Ai spik flouting inglish..

Nou aim borning.. So ai tink i shudd write little inglish for you..

Ai låv ål may riders, såu ai tink ai shudd outvide to get outland riders tu, derfor ai vrait on inglish her nou…

Jepp, for aim can spik flouting inglish æ sjø..

So nou ai hæv to faind out wath ai skudd wrait about..

Tu day ai hæv wært in my work.. I låv my work very mush..

Ai work with pipol ho nid my help. 

Ai låv to help pipol..

Ai låv kristmas too..

Evry jer i glede me very mush to kristmas..

May bigges wisses is to muv innto may oun houus bifor kristmas this jer..

To pynte inn may oun houus mushh be very gud for mi..

Ai låv interiør, ai låv fiks inn may oun home. Tenning lice evry nigt and rid buk..

Dat vas little about me.

Vat is jor interress??

Tell me about ju self…

Låv from Gro Kristin <3

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